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The next age of business – PakWired is the point of convergence for most authentic technology news, impactful entrepreneurial guidance, comprehensive industry research and credible startup advice.
Informing, connecting and inspiring entrepreneurs, startup owners and the explorers of the latest technological and business developments, we enable them make smart decisions. This translates in our capability to create effective and efficient advertising programs to correspond with your current goals and marketing objectives.

Brand Promise

To enrich people’s lives by enabling them to

With 63% of thousands of unique monthly visitors arriving through organic search, PakWired is home to some of the most influential editors and is trusted for its technology news, business reviews and analysis.

PakWired Audience

With top five countries for PakWired traffic being Pakistan, USA, India, UK and UAE, bulk of PW audience comprises of

  • Startup founders and employees
  • New media, Technology, and SEO experts
  • Business graduates, and prospective entrepreneurs
  • Social media geeks, developers, and tech enthusiasts

We offer the latest custom ad tech solutions, enabling your brand connect with our audience — across all platforms and screens — to promote awareness, generate leads, or meet your unique needs.

PakWired Ad Capabilities

PakWired offers a wide variety of online ad opportunities, with textual and display media content ranging from custom-built interactive ad units to standard display banners. For examples and additional spec information for available ad formats please see below.

Sponsored Articles

Big and Branded.
Sponsored articles are modern advertorials, not susceptible to “banner blindness” that plagues other online ads. Sponsored content, provided it meets PW editorial standards, is published clearly labeled as such. The opening paragraph will contain the name of the advertiser.
Sponsored articles are prominently featured among our daily news coverage. We will also share this post across our social media touchpoints as part of the package. The same post will be sent as a notification to our Push Notifications subscribers using Safari and Chrome.

Custom Content

Informative. Provocative.
Our content team will work with you to develop high-impact custom content with our audience in mind, that gives it a compelling reason to engage with your brand.
“A study by Chartbeat and The New York Times found ‘that most Paid Post content produced by T Brand Studio during the research period proved to be significantly more engaging than the content supplied by third parties.’ In other words, research confirms that content created by The Times’ staff out-performed content provided by brands.”

Native Advertising

PakWired branded content team, collaborates with advertisers to produce custom articles using PW’s signature style — informative, smart, and social.

Brands can align their advertising with premium editorial content and high-profile series produced by our newsroom of acclaimed journalists. We will also share this post across our social media touchpoints as part of the package. The same post will be sent as a notification to our Push Notifications subscribers using Safari and Chrome.

Custom Video Content

Enables you attention and maximize your impact with a Video Billboard. Served to users upon site entry, your Video Billboard will run above-the-fold across Your brand’s interactive 970×250 unit will deliver your content in the most powerful format.

Custom Infographics

Our custom team produces a data visualization. Regardless of what form it takes, our custom content  speaks to the information needs and interests of smart business leaders, and drives desired behaviors throughout the purchase funnel.

Display Media

Ad Name/location Ad Location Description
Top Leader Banner (728 x 90) site header site-wide
Sidebar Square Banner (300 x 250) sidebar all pages except home
News Top Banner (468 x 60) within content all post pages
Catfish Bottom Banner (100 x 90)
Interstitial Banner (Full Page)
Background branding Banner

Email Newsletters

Boost engagement and response for your own content through PakWired’s email newsletters—display, custom insertions and rich media available.

The Company We Keep

Some of PakWired clients:

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