Resources for Startups

Resources for Startups

Do you want to start a small business? Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur looking to pursue a new venture or a first-timer who has always dreamed of owning their own small business, the startup phase can be exciting, but also exhausting.

To help you launch your business, we’ve assembled some of the best tools and resources for startups from around the world. Let them help you give your new company the head start it deserves.

Small Business Ideas for New Startups

Do you know that entrepreneurship is right for you, but you aren’t sure what type of small business you want to launch? Let these collections of startup ideas inspire you.

Business Planning Resources

You have the perfect business idea. But before you can launch or seek financing for your startup, you need a solid business plan. Let these business planning tools and resources guide you.

Finance Tools and Resources

Whether you want to attract investors for your startup or you simply want your business to be a success, you need a financial plan. These financial tools and resources can help.

Marketing Tools and Resources

If you want your startup to grow and gain attention from both customers and investors, you’ll need an effective marketing strategy. Let these tools and resources help you develop the perfect marketing plan and attract new customers.

More marketing tools and resources

SEO and Analytics Resources

Social Media Management Resources

Writing Resources

Content Creation and Curation

Image Resources

Email List Resources

Free Training Resources

Other Helpful Resources


Small Business News

Stay on top of small business news and the latest resources for your startup by following these sources.

Website Resources

Here are some website resources, for assistance:

Small Business and Startup Tips

When you’re looking for small business tips and advice on growing your startup, check out these websites and blogs to learn something new.

Books for Entrepreneurs

If you’re looking for more in-depth information about starting and running your own business, these business books are a good place to start.

Venture Capitalists

Do you think you have a hot startup idea with enough potential to attract investors? Here are some of the top venture capital firms to consider pitching.

Startup Incubators and Accelerators

If you’re looking for some seed capital or mentoring to boost the growth of your new business, you might want to join a startup incubator or accelerator. Check out these examples.

Successful Startups

Sometimes you need more than resources. You need inspiration. Check out these companies. They were named some of the most successful startups of 2013 by Then imagine where your new business could be a year from now and get to work!

Startups in Pakistan

For our local readers, we wanted to bring you some of the best business resources right here in Pakistan.

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