How to Learn AI in 2023: The 7 Best Tools and Resources

How to learn AI? If you’ve been looking at the news at all in the past few months, you may be asking yourself just that. 

And with good reason.  

2023 is the year of AI. Ever since ChatGPT was released to much fanfare late last year, AI tools have been booming. And AI skills are fast becoming indispensable if you want to stay competitive, whether in the business world or on the job market. 

So which AI skills do you need to acquire? And which of the tools out there do you need to give a spin? 

Here’s the full run-down. 

Speed Up Text Generation With ChatGPT 

To begin with, there is no way around ChatGPT. 

While other text-generating AIs, such as Notion AI, are gaining ground, ChatGPT remains the gold standard for generative AI. Especially when it comes to text. 

No matter if it’s an outreach email, an essay, or a blog post, ChatGPT gives you a solid basis that you can build on – from ideas and inspiration to a first draft of the text.

However, learning how to use ChatGPT right is still essential. 

To get solid results, you’ll need to learn how to phrase prompts for AI tools.  

And you need to understand the limitations and pitfalls of ChatGPT to avoid backlash. For example, you’ll need to be able to identify biased information or unreliable sources – sometimes even whole scientific citations that ChatGPT invents or – as the jargon goes – hallucinates

Level Up Your Coding Game With Bugasura and CodeGPT

Next up, you need to learn how to harness AI to make your coding workflows more efficient. (Coding, in itself, is an invaluable skill in 2023.) 

While using AI for text generation – something that many see as an essentially human skill – still causes moral controversy, using it to polish code is much less contentious. 

AI can write simple code based on prompts. But it’s also a fantastic help when it comes to pinpointing and resolving bugs or rewriting existing code to be more efficient. 

Two of the best tools in this niche are Bugasura and CodeGPT. The former is a bug tracker that integrates with other tools many coding teams use, like Jira, Asana, GitHub, and Slack. The latter is an extension that allows you to integrate an AI assistant directly into your IDE. You can pick between multiple top contenders, including OpenAI, Judini, and Cohere. 

Make Engaging Videos With Lumen 5

Video, especially short-form video, is seeing a meteoric rise in popularity in digital marketing. Consequently, knowing how to generate amazing videos with AI is a valuable skill. 

One of the best tools to try out in this department is Lumen 5. It’s a video creation tool that caters to diverse niches, from marketing to education and social media. At its core, it automatically generates videos from text input, such as a blog post or a video script. You can choose templates or edit the first drafts using a drag and drop builder. 

Add Audio Options With Murf

Like video content, audio content is wildly popular, as evidenced by the wealth of podcasts out there. Plus, offering an audio version of a blog post or an article has become an easy way of scoring accessibility points. 

Audio bits also attract an audience who may be on the go or too busy to pause in their daily activities to read. 

As with video, AI offers time-saving and efficient ways of converting text to audio. One of the best tools you should explore in this niche is Murf. It offers a huge variety of options for voices, accents, and genres – from education to podcasting. 

Create Images With Stable Diffusion

Next up, there is image generation. Alongside ChatGPT, text-to-image AIs like DALL-E and Midjourney formed the vanguard of applications that made a splash in the industry – and catapulted awareness of AI into the mainstream. 

Which text-to-image AI is the best changes constantly, as contenders add new functionalities, fine-tune pricing, and integrate with other tools. Even established graphic design platforms such as Canva now offer AI add-ons. 

All things considered, though, Stable Diffusion is one of the tools you should explore when it comes to image generation. It uses a large variety of text prompts to generate striking, original images you can use for anything from social media posts to email marketing campaigns. 

Boost Your Meeting Productivity With Briefly AI

Finally, there is the type of AI that’s tailored specifically to elevate efficiency in everyday business life. If you learn to use such AI tools, you may well save yourself from spending countless hours spent on repetitive, mind-numbing tasks. 

One prime example is Briefly AI, which eliminates the need for keeping manual meeting minutes and writing up long-winded summaries. 

Instead, Briefly offers a solution that comes as a browser plugin and takes care of transcripts, notes, and even automatic meeting summaries. Plus, it can generate and send follow-up emails, as well as create and edit cue cards. This is useful both internally and for faster, more satisfying customer communication.

Overall, productivity tools such as Briefly have the potential to help you win back valuable time you’d otherwise waste on superfluous tasks. 

Bonus: A Critical Podcast to Learn about AI

Finally, one essential skill to acquire is some critical thinking with regard to AI. 

While all the tools above offer amazing ways to generate content, streamline your workflows, and boost your productivity, they have their limitations. 

To boost your awareness of what’s going on in the AI industry and what downsides and controversies different tools and providers have, check out the Eye on AI podcast by New York Times Correspondent Craig Smith. It will give you some valuable insights and context as you navigate the world of AI. 

Why You Should Learn to Use AI Tools Now – Conclusion 

2023 is the year that AI is likely to become an inextricable part of business life. Learning which tools best fit into your workflows and how to use them is invaluable to stay ahead of the curve. 

By exploring the tools above and keeping up with developments in the AI sphere, you’ll be able to do just that. And hit the ground running in this fast-paced, ever-changing environment.

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