5 Benefits of Leave Management System for the Modern Workplace

Employers who have ever been faced with the shortage of employees due to so many employees on vacation at the same time, and some others falling ill, know how challenging the situation can be. Of course, we can’t do more about the people falling ill, yet we may and should have the control over vacation leaves thanks to the leave management system. Check these X Benefits of Leave Management System for the Modern Workplace

#1 How can we reduce paperwork in the office?

Those who are conservative, and tend to use old-fashioned methods in the office, should definitely go and check at least once what work in a modern workplace looks like, how pleasant and time-saving it can be. Using a pen-and-paper system makes you spend long hours counting, calculating, correcting, and checking mistakes. Wouldn’t it be better to significantly shorten the time, and do more duties instead, or simply to relax after work?

Even if you’re used to the paper version of all documents, and you prefer to store them in this way instead of electronic versions, you can still print the automated, electronic version.

#2 How to keep the leave management system safe from unauthorized use? 

Traditional systems of leave management are pretty prone to unauthorized use, with employees tempted to change the number of days off available, taking a day off, and then removing the leave. It’s not that rare as you may think, as Varonis published a survey, which showed even 22% of sensitive files can be easily accessed by the employees.

With one person managing the leaves, especially if we talk about the leave management system, keeping track of who is absent, who is at work is much easier, and effective. You also get a quick insight into the leaves of all of the employees, to plan substitutes, and to track down those who are often absent, or those who want to have a day off, but they don’t have any sick leave from the doctor’s.

#3 How can I protect my files from losing them?

Running a traditional office with dozens of pieces of paper all around, it’s no wonder you often lose them, and the process of looking for the one, specific document which you need right now, may last for weeks.

A modern leave management system will keep order in documents, and finding a sick leave from a year ago will not be that difficult.

Of course, some may say you can also lose data which is stored in the electronic version, and with the lack of  the paper version is not reasonable. However, a quick look at the leave tracker on, and you can sleep peacefully with all the data safely stored of the company’s servers.

#4 Can the leave management system be automated?

Apart from previously mentioned advantages of the leave management system, one of the most important features of the leave management system is the fact the whole process is completely automated.

That’s good news for those who need assistance, as they don’t know exactly how to keep track of employee attendance. The process is fully automated, which means it helps you organize, keep leave balance, leave history, and notifications, which are sent to employees, and the employers . Employees know if their leave request was approved or canceled.

#5 How to stay up-to-date?

With a traditional way of asking for the leave, or informing about sickness, usually takes some time, while in case of a leave management system, all the parties get the real-time information. If an employee is sick, the information about the absence gets directly to the manager, even with the sick leave as an attachment. The employee willing to take vacation leave doesn’t need to wait impatiently for the approval of their request, as they get notifications of any employer’s decisions.

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