Twitter Tests New Premium Subscription Service For $99 Per Month

Twitter has recently started to test its new premium subscription service which will enable users and organizations to gain more followers and audience. Twitter has decided to take this step in order to discover more advertisers.

For a fee of $99 per month, the service subscribers will have their posts shown on the newsfeed of people who aren’t following them. Although Twitter currently provides advertising products to allow users to pay for the promotion of their tweets, this one has a far better approach. The new premium subscription service will help people with little knowledge of advertising to have their accounts promoted automatically. However, the program is currently private and is being used for small businesses and individuals. Whether it will be available for big ones is not known yet.

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Twitter is currently testing its service and has chosen a number of individuals for the task. These individuals were selected from a bunch of people who had already advertised on Twitter at some point. An email was sent to the individuals to acknowledge them about the service and Twitter even gave them a free 30-day trial.

This service has been launched by Twitter with the purpose of increasing its advertising revenue as the company has been facing a constant decline in its ad-revenues. According to Twitter, there has been an annual 8% drop in revenues from advertising. Twitter’s business page reported:

“We’ve developed a way for you to grow your following; and have your Tweets reach more people without creating ads or managing campaigns”

How it works?

The way it works is quite simple. You tweet whatever you want from your account and after that, Twitter will automatically select any of your tweet and show it on the feed of other people. However, the promotion of the tweet is based on its performance as all tweets won’t be promoted with the same magnitude.

According to an FAQ about the trial, it was said that:

“Retweets, Replies and Quoted Tweets will not be promoted; but, at this time, you cannot customize which original Tweets will be promoted”

This means that for now, users can’t individually select which tweet they want to promote as Twitter will do it automatically. However, they can select their place of interest for promotion and their category of interest such as ‘technology and computing’ as well.

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By subscribing to this new premium subscription service, Twitter users will be able to get additional followers. Moreover, a weekly ‘report card’ will also be sent to subscribers which will show them the number of people they reached along with other statistics.

The service is currently in testing mode and is only available for users who were invited by Twitter personally.

Source: Business Insider

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