5 Amazing Online Tools That Harness AI

Over the past few years, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms have developed some amazing capabilities. Not only is generative AI like ChatGPT wowing users with their versatile applications. Many online tools are now also leveraging AI to extend their functionalities, automate processes, and provide a better experience.

Here are five amazing online tools that harness AI.

Fotor – Image Editing

Topping our list is Fotor, an online photo editor for everyone. It allows users to easily resize and crop images, create photo collages, add text, and generate stunning graphic design elements.

That’s not all, though: Fotor harnesses AI for some of its advanced functionalities. Its algorithms can automatically optimize your image, especially on portraits. It lets you intelligently remove backgrounds from images – and not just them. With its AI eraser, you can also easily make unwanted object disappear from photos. That random tourist ruining your fantastic beach shot? Gone!

Fotor offers a free plan that includes all basic functionalities. To get access to its AI capabilities, you’ll need to opt for its Pro or Pro+ plans. They come at $8.99 and $19.99 per month, respectively.

Synthesia – Video Generation

Next up is Synthesia, an amazing online tool to help you AI-generate videos.

All you need is a written video script. Once you upload that to Synthesia’s intuitive online platform, you’ll be able to turn it into a video in no time.

You can choose between over 65 AI avatars, whose appearance is based on real actors. Plus, you can decide in which of the over 60 languages that Synthesia offers they’re going to speak. You even get to pick between regional accents. Is your virtual presenter from the US, Australia, or the UK? That’s up to you!

In terms of pricing, you can start with a free demo to give Synthesia’s capabilities a test spin, and then upgrade to a personal account ($30/month).

INK – Writing and SEO

There are plenty of AI writing tools out there – ChatGPT first and foremost. They can churn out convincing texts, anything from college essays to blog posts.

However, purely AI-generated text is getting flagged in many places, from academia to SEO (search engine optimization). Case studies actually show that if you’ve been using AI-generated text to create website content and appear in search results, you may be up for a rough awakening. Google’s recent helpful content and spam updates have obliterated many AI-generated results.

Nevertheless, there are a few online tools with AI features that offer some awesome benefits to writers and SEO-specialists. First and foremost among them is INK, which offers a complete suite that helps users do SEO research, optimize content, and test that it doesn’t get flagged as AI-generated.

INK offers a 5-day free trial and some free basic functionalities. If you’re happy with the suite, the personal plan starts at $39 per month ($468 per year). The enterprise plan, which includes three users, and advanced team management and productivity tools, comes at $99 per month ($1,188 per year).

TimeHero – Productivity and Time Management

Another amazing tool that leverages AI is TimeHero. This is a groundbreaking AI productivity platforms that will help you manage your time and reach your full potential.

Keeping track of tasks, scheduling dozens of meetings and appointments, sticking to deadlines, and fulfilling all your commitments. All that takes effort and energy, reducing the time that you can actually spend being productive.

That’s where TimeHero comes in.

You can connect this tool to your calendar, add tasks, and integrate it with the other apps you use on a daily basis, such as Gmail, Slack, and Asana. It will then generate an adaptive work schedule that you can follow to maximize productivity. This lets you focus on the work, rather than on planning it.

Pricing starts at $5 per month. For premium integrations, opt for the Professional plan at $12 per month.

Murf – Text to Speech

Finally, there’s Murf, an AI-based text-to-speech generator. It helps you turn written text into voice-overs, dictations, and speech and is already a staple for a huge variety of professionals, such as educators, podcasters, and product developers.

In its comprehensive AI voice-over studio, you can choose between 100 AI voices in 15 languages, with numerous variations in accents, tone, and voice styles. You can also customize the volume, speed, and pitch of voices and add emphasis and pauses.

If you want to test Murf, you can go wild with the platform’s free plan. To get access to downloads, collaborative features, and longer voice-overs, paid plans start at $19 per month.

The Bottom Line

Many people fear that AI will put them out of a job. That’s unlikely to come true.

However, many tools leverage AI to provide their users with amazing features that can help them supercharge their productivity.

Explore the tools above and find your new favorite secret weapon!


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